An Overview Of The OnePlus Nord CE


One thing is for sure, there are no shortage of hype surrounding the release of the new Android mobile operating system – Oxygen OS. The biggest benefit that one can derive by purchasing the OnePlus Nord CE is that it has been designed with an eye toward creating a very cost-effective mobile phone. Many of the features featured in future smartphones can be found in the Nord, but it doesn’t have everything that others have. There will most likely be many differences between this phone and others that are sold in the market today. Consumers in the UK will be able to pre-order the handset ahead of full retail availability on 16 June. From then, it will be shipped from either an authorized or standard retailer based on where you live. oneplus nord ce

One thing that is clear about the phone is that it is not laden with the bloat typical of many other high end smartphones being released in the current smartphone market. Users can look forward to a clean user interface, as the layout of the OS is leaner than many of its competitors. There will be no unnecessary junk or icons floating around on the desktop when viewing the home screen. Another feature present in the phone is that of allowing users to back up their data via internet storage. This is a great feature if one finds themselves frequently transferring information from one location to another.

The phone runs on the Windows operating system using the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system that was introduced by Microsoft with the introduction of the Windows XP operating system. This means that oneplus phones can be used with any Windows based smartphone operating system, including the newly launched OxygenOS from Nokia. OnePlus phones offer users the chance to purchase their favourite themes and wallpapers that can be used on the smartphone. The same theme and wallpaper can be used across multiple handsets to allow one to use all their favourite icons across multiple platforms. This is a unique feature that cannot be found on many handsets.

In terms of the camera and the battery life, the OnePlus Nord CE offers a full day of charge thanks to the advanced Quick Charge technology. It has a lithium ion battery that offers over a hour of talk time on the internet. With a fully charged battery, users can look forward to five days of use on the smartphone. This is a good thing when compared to other smartphone handsets that run on low volt batteries only. With a full day of use, one can expect to make at least five to six wireless calls on the smartphone and still have room to send and receive emails and perform other internet functions.

One of the unique features of the handset is the absence of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This means that users are given the opportunity to choose which headphones they would want to use with the device. For people who are looking for ultimate mobile convenience, they should definitely consider the OnePlus Nord CE. Users will also find it interesting that the phone comes with a SIM card reader, which is an interesting addition especially for international users. This means that they will no longer have to carry additional cards or adapters while travelling.

In terms of the looks and the display, the oneplus comes with a very sleek body which has been designed in a slim design. The front panel is made from glass, meaning that it is both durable and attractive at the same time. The matte finish on the glass looks elegant and beautiful, especially when illuminated. The result is that this smartphone manages to combine high performance with a beautiful and trendy looks.

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